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10 Things you did not know about rails

May 10, 2012

Notes from James Edward Grey II ‘s talk at RailsConf 2012

(I wrote down only those things that interested me)

> "test".inquiry.test?

=> true

2. rake db:migrate:status gives you status of migrations – list of un-migrated migrations

3. migrations know how to do associations

rails g resource article user:belongs_to OR rails g resource user:references

are valid ways of calling a generator

4. rake notes:todo OR rake notes:fixme OR rake notes:custom ANNOTATION=NOTE

gives a list of comments tagged with a todo OR fixme

5. h1.merge h2 does a merge and overwrites data from h2 in the case of a

1.9.3p194 :132 > h1
=> {:a=>”1″, :b=>”2″}
1.9.3p194 :133 > h2
=> {:b=>”not 2″, :c=>”3″}
1.9.3p194 :134 > h1.merge h2
=> {:a=>”1″, :b=>”not 2″, :c=>”3″}
1.9.3p194 :135 > h1.reverse_merge h2
=> {:b=>”2″, :c=>”3″, :a=>”1″}

6. Hide comments from your users in your views

  • <%# ERb comments don't show %>
7. Generate Multiple tags at once

  • content_tag_for(:div, articles)


8. Instantiate records without a db (tricky, maybe evil)

  • User.instantiate(“id” => 42…)

9. Count Records in Groups


10. Remove specific keys from a hash

  • params.except(:foo, :bar)




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