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delete vs destroy

February 23, 2011

I have wondered about what the difference might be:

I have seen times when the .delete method keeps the record in the database table and only set the value of a :deleted_at field.
Now this could be because  the delete method could have been overwritten in that particular situation. Also not all records have a deleted_at order and neither is it consistently true that .delete method does not delete the record. I have seen it do it.

It seeems that the link i paste below might give a better understanding of the difference between the true. In short. destroy takes long, but is your friend. delete is fast, but could keep an uwanted mark:

Delete method deletes the row with a primary key matching the id argument, using a SQL DELETE statement, and returns the number of rows deleted. Active Record objects are not instantiated, so the object‘s callbacks are not executed, including any :dependent association options or Observer methods.


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